Birthday Ice Sculpture – Call us on 01344 84 2906 for more information.

Looking for an Ice Sculpture for your Birthday party or perhaps considering a drinks luge? Not a problem. Please speak to us as we can create something special for your event.

Our selection of ice sculptures includes a Champagne Bottle, Cinderella Slipper and of course the memorable numbers; 16, 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, 60 and even 100! Each piece is hand carved and can be personalised with a Name, Happy Birthday, Congrats etc. But these are just a few to mention. We have a full gallery for you to make a selection from.

A Vodka drinks luge can be added to most ice carvings – If you’re not too sure wat they are, well it’s a channel drilled through the sculpture. It’s also really easy to use. Just slowly pour a couple of Vodka shots at the top and it then runs down to catch either into a glass or if you’re brave enough straight into your mouth! It’s a brilliant party game. One that you won’t forget in a hurry…

If you’re looking at something functional take a look at the ice food displays. For a seafood display the clam shell is a must. Or if you’re having a sit down meal check out the ice table displays, these champagne buckets certainly give it the WOW factor.

Something else you need to remember for your birthday party.

Your Cans of drink or bottles of Champagne need chilling!! Your guests need ice in their drinks!! Well help is at hand.  We are able to deliver 12 kilo bags of ice cubes (pillowcase size) and crushed ice with your ice sculpture. Furthermore we are offering a discount on the cubed or crushed ice with your Birthday ice sculpture / Vodka luge purchase. Please give us a call on 01344 84 2906 to discuss the full discounts.

We supply and deliver these birthday ice sculptures to the following areas: Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, London, Surrey, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire and Sussex.

For other areas in the UK and Europe please contact Immediate Ice

  1. Olympic Ski Slope Ice Sculpture

    Olympic Ski Slope

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  2. Candle holder cube

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  3. Rowing Boat Ice Sculpture

    Rowing boat

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  4. dalek ice sculpture


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  5. Numbers 25 Bobby Brown

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  6. Jo Malone Perfume Bottle Ice Sculpture

    Jo Malone Perfume Bottle

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  7. Gatsby logo Ice Sculpture

    Gatsby Logo

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  8. Football Boot ice sculpture

    Football Boot

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  9. Elvis Guitar

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