Crushed Ice

For the perfect cocktail and more – Crushed Ice

There’s something truly magical about the appearance of crushed ice. Cocktails become so much more alluring. Seafood-displays morph into something quite spectacular. And sushi bars exude a greater degree of sophistication. Keeping everything that much fresher for longer – a must for when you’re presenting food that’s essentially raw.

If you’re considering an ice sculpture or alternative ice centre-piece for your dinner party or corporate event, crushed ice will frame it in a way no other table accessory offers.
But this beautiful and versatile product doesn’t stop at making things look more appealing – there’s the obvious practical side of maintaining temperature too.

Here’s the spec:

  • Weight: 12 Kilos bags of Crushed Ice (approximately the size of a pillow case)
  • Supplied individually or multiple pallets of Crushed Ice (70 x 12 kilo bags)
  • Usage: parties, food display, food processing, cocktails, fishmongers

To add a stunning dimension to your event, just go here to place an order. Once we’ve received it we’ll be in touch to arrange a delivery or collection time that suits you.

Delivery Areas: London / Berkshire / Buckinghamshire / Surrey / Hampshire / Hertfordshire / Sussex – Please call to discuss other delivery areas in the UK and Europe

Crushed Ice