Ice Cubes

Crystal clear quality ice cubes

So you are planning a party, event, wedding or birthday – you might even have some big ideas about putting on a festival. You need quality ice cubes, and you need them delivered at a time that suits you. No problem with any of that. But not being ones to put a dampener on the party spirit, let’s get serious for a second.

A number one priority for us, one that we take more seriously than anything else, is the safety and happiness of our customers. That’s why, when it comes to producing ice – which we make 30 tonnes of per day – we work diligently to ensure it’s completely free from bacteria and pollutants.

We produce ice that is strictly audited. Microbiologically tested and made from purified, U.V. filtered water. This attention to detail does not stop with our processing. Any environment that contains or transports our ice is also thoroughly checked for cleanliness.

Back to the fun bit. If it’s just ice cubes you need, we can supply in any quantity, but remember, we also do the other cool stuff like crushed, dry ice, vodka luges and sculptures, so if you looking for a little extra WOW factor, just ask for some ideas – we’ve got plenty.

Here’s a few details:

  • Weight: 12 Kilo bags of ice cubes (would fit in a pillow case) or 2 Kilos
  • Supplied individually or multiple pallets of bagged ice (72 x 12 kilo bags)
  • Delivery: 7 days a week
  • Uses: drinks, food processing, cooling, cocktails, ice baths, ice for injuries, displays


Delivery AreasSurrey – Oxfordshire – Berkshire – Buckinghampshire – Hampshire – London – Hertfordshire – Sussex . Please call us to discuss other areas and Europe

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