Food Logistics



We’ve been helping the food manufacturing and catering industries to ensure their products keep fresh whilst in transit for nearly three decades. They continue to use us because they trust the quality of our dry ice; and the forms we supply it in fit beautifully with their exact needs.

The logistics side of your business is one of the most important factors in getting your product to market. You cannot afford to have your goods on the road any longer than they need to be, and you need to preserve them in a way that doesn’t cause you more problems.

Dry ice eliminates mess, is odourless, clean and provides extended cooling capabilities, it is also more cost effective and can enable you to enjoy bigger profit margins.

Allow us to become your partner of choice and experience a level of service that few of our competitors can match. Safety is always our number one priority, but coming in close second is our dedication to helping you provide a better food logistics service to your customers.

Benefits of dry ice over traditional ice

  • Sublimates (melts) without leaving any messy residue – hygienic and practical
  • Extended cooling – efficient and cost-saving
  • Doesn’t require electricity – unrestricted use

Stats about weight and size:

  • From 9mm pellets, slices and blocks
  • Pellets – 10 Kilos
  • Slices -1 Kilo slices / 20 x 2.5 x 12cm
  • Blocks – 21 x 12.5 x 25 cm
  • Delivery – 7 days a week, locally (for nationwide, please speak to us)

If you are looking for a reliable dry ice supplier that takes your industry as seriously as you do, get in touch today. Guidence and help can be provided, even if you are not ready to place an order.

Dry Ice Is Available on a Nationwide Delivery – Operating 7 Days per Week! Keep safe go to our dry ice safety section

Food Logistics