Carve your way to more productivity with team building

There’s nothing new about the concept of a corporate team building exercise. But what is new, is the way we do it. Any company, small or large, looking to genuinely increase the morale of their employees and boost productivity, won’t fail to achieve those objectives with our ICEPLAY team building programmes.

Our courses are run by professional ice sculptors who will work with your guys to build greater confidence, promote communication skills, and inspire ways to work better.

The day is informal, packed full of fun, plus your team will actually get to learn a new skill.
Who wouldn’t want to become an amateur ice sculptor? It doesn’t matter if they have no artistic talent, we’ll show them that they can still produce something of great beauty.

As always, safety is our number one priority and we’ll supply all the chisels and accessories needed to create a happy and exciting event.

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