Ice Table Displays


Hand Sculptured ice table displays. Whether it’s an event, party, or just a small gathering for friends and family, people love a table that’s dressed to impress. It’s a sure-fire way to get the conversation started and make the food look that much more appealing.

Immediate Ice are experts in creating dining experiences with stunning ice table displays as the central focus. You can choose anything from an ice bucket or candle holder, to a sculpture that fits with a particular theme. Perhaps you’re planning a corporate event and would like something that shows off your company logo. We’ll make sure your guests never forget it.

There’s a whole range of designs, but you’re not restricted to what you see in our gallery.

Give us a call with your idea and our professional sculptors will see that it happens.

Our product range include ice cubes, crushed ice, dry ice, ice balls and offer a range of ice accessories. The other creative side is the ice sculptures, Vodka Luges and the ice food displays.

We also offer a nationwide ice delivery 7 days a week.

Table Display