NTA (National Television Awards)

NTA Coloured Logo Ice Sculpture set in Ice!

Organisers of the National Television Awards hosting the annual ceremony requested a Vodka Luge for their after show party. We presented various ice carving designs. Single and double luges, with and withiout colour, different shapes etc…

They absoutely loved the idea of having the NTA logo in colour set in ice – This was produced by matching the exact colours using special gel paints. And obvoiusly the carver creating this piece using chisels, sanders and a chainsaw.

We displayed the ice sculpture on a light stand. Detailed colours uplit beautifully with the double luge – This was certainly a vocal point throughout the evening.

With the partying now in full flow – It’s now time for the ice games to start. Naughty celebrities from various soaps formed groups to compete with each other. Drinking directly from the luges and enjoying the flavoured Vodka – The race was on! The losers were determined to win something! But we knew when to stop… Before it got too messy…..

We also supplied cubed and crushed ice. This helped with the amazing cocktails served by the bartenders and also keeping the Champagne extra cold. So no one missed out.

Thanks Guys – The ice sculpture certainly gave it the WOW factor and will reccommed your company again!

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