Big Brother 2004 – Present

Big Brother Ice Sculptures and Vodka Luges

Since 2004 Immediate Ice have been asked by the Big Brother team to design and carve various ice sculpture pieces for the show. Our brief was centred on the housemates reward parties and tasks. We have discretely entered the house and set up the Vodka Luges totally oblivious to the housemates who had been locked in another part of the house. The themed ice carvings have included a double block Unicorn, Skier, Skull luge, Coloured puppet drinks luge, Crown etc…

Big Brother required ideas for an ice related housemate task – Our design team came with an ice tube in which a message had been placed in the centre – the housemates had to franticly lick the tubes and the first person to retrieve the message with their mouth won the task.
After Show & Wrap Party.

Both the after show and wrap parties have been supplied with various ice products over the years to include an ice sculpture of a Champagne Bottle with etching, Coloured Big Brother Eye Logo Vodka Luge and we even did the famous Big Brother chair as a luge, which was manned by our staff ensuring housemates and celebrities had fun….

“Thanks again Dianna, the sculptures looked amazing!”

Aaron (Big Brother Production team)

“Oh I love the sculpture, Thanks you guys, it’s awesome”

Tracy Bingham (celebrity big brother)

“Oh yeah, the sculptures really cool, cheers,”

Preston (Celebrity Big Brother)

“What a fantastic idea, it’s wicked”

Maggot (Goldy looking chain & Celebrity Big Brother)

“Your Luges were fantastic, thanks Darling”

Russell (Big Brothers Big Mouth)

“Oh my God, my names on it, thanks it’s wicked”

Chantelle (Winner of Celebrity Big Brother)

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